General Nutrition & Prescription Foods
Our staff are trained to help you select the optimum food to keep your pet healthy and happy, whatever their stage of life. We stock a wide range premium quality ROYAL CANIN foods to meet your pets individual dietry requirements. Please ask instore about our range

Puppy: Puppies grow very fast and need a concentrated diet to aid in strong bone development. A puppies digestive tract is very sensitive and can be prone to reject certain foods, which leads to diahorrea. ROYAL CANIN strike the balance between ease of digestion and nutritional quality. Using ROYAL CANIN puppy food alleviates diahorrea and is thus a great aid in toilet training.

Adult: Adult food is nutritionally balanced to help maintain a healthy weight, teeth and coat

Senior: For pets over 7 years. ROYAL CANIN Senior provides for the specific nutritional needs of older pets.

Prescription Foods: ROYAL CANIN produce a number of theraputic foods which can be used in treating common conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Skin conditions. These foods are only available under prescription from your veterinarian.